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Do you suffer from back pain? If so, doctors have a surprising suggestion that could relieve your pain !

It turns out relaxing in a recliner is more than just comfortable... it actually could help reduce back pain and stiffness.  When you recline, you reduce the strain and pressure on your back.  Only La-Z-Boy recliners offer total body and lumbar support, as well as varying reclining levels ensuring that your lower back and lumbar region are fully supported in any reclining position.  So follow doctor's orders and recline !

Recline away back pain.

For more than 80 years, La-Z-Boy recliners have defined comfort. And doctors now recognize that reclining can bring relief to people suffering from back pain and the tension associated with stress.  Since our reclining chairs and sofas are designed to provide back and lumbar support at all times, and in all positions, our reclining furniture has also been endorsed by American Chiropractic Association. (ACA)